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Bryant Park Hotel, NYC

Words, Image Judith Ecochard
Product Images: Orlane

The high end skincare brand ORLANE once again- taking the lead when it comes to innovative products.

This time, 25-40 year olds (more or less) get the this is when the skin really starts to invisibly or subtly experience the accumulative tolls of aging...less cell turnover, sun damage...and doesn't quite bounce back the way it used too. And yes, our largest organ already bares traces of oxidation damage (air pollution, late nights)...especially by the mid-30's.

The 411 on the ingredients: The core ingredient- the ANAGENESE 25+ Complex... contains:

Pro cellular growth factors of peptide origin (that "stimulates the specific growth of fibroblasts and induces the synthesis of collagen,"

Hibiscus Seed extract (Crinopexy -an Orlane exclusive, boosts the effectiveness of growth factors),

Bio-Marine Complex (rich in collagen, essential trace minerals, and mineral salts), Hyaluronic Acid (hydrates and protects),

and Vitamins A Palmitate  and E Acetate -both proven age defy-ers.

At a launch conveniently scheduled during the recent New York Fashion Week, beauty types got a preview of three products:

Morning Recovery Concentrate -First Time-Fighting Serum (packaged in a pump---we tried...the silky white gel easily absorbs/traceless---our skin just soaked it up with no residue).
For AM or all day use, has "pro cellular growth factors" ---evens out skin tones, revives skin luminance

First Time-Fighting Care Eye Contour (we patted this white cream/gel on in that fragile, sensitive part of our face...without irritation YES, scent free!)
Has two pro-cellular growth factors boosted by Crinopexy that activates collagen, encourages cell turnover and reduces puffiness and dark circles.

First Time-Fighting Care (in a jar, a thicker cream but still light)
Has the aforementioned two pro cellular growth factors, Crinopexy and Vitamins A and E (fights free radicals that age), and a bio-marine complex that helps softens fine lines and complexions regain their radiance.

We like how the products barely have a scent, if at all, and are all light enough to use on all skin types...including oily skin. 

And the French always seem to get how natural ingredients and modern science can both be sourced for the best products.

ETA: We found the serum online at NEIMAN MARCUS  ($100) though we expect a more extensive launch in May 2010---