Thursday, March 11, 2010




Words, TradeShow Images Judith Ecochard/
Other Images from  Opedix™ website

Evidence-Based Apparel®” sounds like a riff on a CSI episode, but in the realm of all things  --- it stands for a line of running and ski tights that supports via 4-way compression, reducing muscle fatigue and stabilizing key joints (i.e. knees)---

Via proprietary fabrics, made just so--- in conjunction with the renowned STEADMAN PHILIPPON RESEARCH INSTITUTE

Opedix™ is scientific gear---that strengthens and stabilizes joints---reducing pain.

PLUS---blessed with moisture wicking/quick dry breathability- and anti-microbial/anti-odor protection that we have come to expect from our active wear apparel.

Which sounds great---

 But we can vouch for the Opedix™ R1 Running Tights…as we tried a pair and frankly, would opt to wear them all the time if we didn’t live in such fashionista surroundings.

Seriously, just putting the R1’s on we felt a surge of energy…and think Opedix™ should consider taking a page from the Shapewear industry ---and produce separates with an overlayer of material that would render said pieces acceptable as streetwear wear.

AND also come out with a line of triathlon gear.

We have tried various brands of compression socks…crew and below the knee types…so we didn’t need convincing that like ace bandages, the compressive materials noticeably improve circulation to aid during and post exercise recovery.

But after an insane long day on our feet--- where we logged over 10 miles cruising NYC’s streets, hauling around our lives in an oversized satchel…IN 4 INCH HEELS, we didn’t relish going out for a 5 miler.

We broke out the Opedix™ R1 Running Tights in a size S…we actually straddled two sizes (XS) according to Opedix™’s Size Chart…but glad we went up rather than down. After all, getting on the tights shouldn’t really be a workout in and of itself.


WOW! What a difference…akin to downing a serious caffeine beverage is an apt metaphor.

We couldn’t believe how soothed our aches were, and our legs really felt re-energized.


Knees, including ours, takes a pounding with every foot strike---not only because of the obvious jarring courtesy of gravity and asphalt…but also because of the way we are built…just stabilizing the knee with each step takes a toll on our knee joints, wears away our cartilage (we think we still have some) and tightens up our hip muscles.

The Opedix™ R1 running tights have built in patented knee support system that has “a three way bending movement to enhance knee joint alignment and reduce knee point loading.”

We have never worn an unloading knee brace---but see them all over, on like every other person over 40--- engaging in endurance activities. SO we know there is real science behind it all.

Happily, the Opedix™ R1 like the unloading knee brace…reduces “the load stress exerted by knees.” By 16% on average. A Very Big Deal IMHO.


Opedix™ also sells a line of S1 ski and board tights and PS Posture Shirts.

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Widely available online---$189.95-$190.00