Thursday, March 18, 2010


The energy/wellness beverage market is a niche segment that’s become part of everyday life.

Drinks like Gatorade, Red Bull, etc… were aimed towards athletes and those with active lifestyles... but now are really mainstream drinks.

We tried one of the new beverages to this wellness/health/energy lifestyle space…SIN VITALITY Drink, specifically the calorie free version, dubbed SIN FREE

And  SERENITY ZEN Beverage…a lightly carbonated drink that is supposed to relax drinkers …and serves up 100% vitamin Bs for athletes who deplete their bodies after a workout.

Both are packaged in sleek 8.4 oz cans…and priced at $1.99...about average for this type of drink but double for other quenchers. 

SIN FREE actually tastes good …like 7-Up with less carbonation---and without the noxious odor of some similar drinks. It definitely creates a buzz in a good way---- and we went on a llloooonnnngggg run after downing half a can…after a tiring work day too. We felt it definitely impacted our ability to workout,  Not jittery, just energized.

SIN FREE contains guarana seed extract (popular in Brazil and has 2x the amount of caffeine of its equivalent weight in a coffee bean) taurine that is necessary for normal skeletal muscle functioning, and caffeine…that purportedly aids in physical endurance.

The marketing of the product is towards Gen X and Yers…but we think it’s the baby boomers that might benefit the most from this energy booster.

SERENITY ZEN had a vanilla flavor…an acquired taste. What impressed us most are the ingredients…100% B2, B12, B6 and B5 (based on a 2000 calorie a day diet, according to the label).

With zero carbs, calories, and sugar…it’s a refreshing change from plain old water. And NO- we didn’t fall asleep ASAP…but SERENITY ZEN Beverage does contain Valerian Root Extract and Melatonin (1 gram/can) …both rather common over the counter supplements that are purportedly relaxation aids.

With a new distribution deal with Canada Dry Bottling Company of NY…the beverages should be on a lot of shelves soon.