Thursday, March 11, 2010


Guaranteed For Life---Built To Withstand The Harshest Conditions  ---And Yes, Made in Vermont

Outdoor Retailer, SLC UTAH

Words/Tradeshow Images Judith Ecochard
ATP sock from the web.

We landed at the DARN TOUGH exhibit on the last day of OR…and yes, orders for this third generation, family owned biz…were still being written up.

Here’s Why:

The key to our success is we manufacture what we sell…we are experts ...and take our know how from our experienced workforce…as knitting is complicated.” And on fine gauge equipment-with a high (168) needle count--- for a dense, not heavy sock.

We learned this courtesy of the current lead guy, Ric Cabot…who oversees all of Cabot Hosiery Mills, Inc…that includes the now, five years old Darn Tough.

We have lots of yarn running throughout the sock …for strength and durability,” Cabot told us. And that’s why the Darn Tough socks stay put…and takes the shape of the leg and foot.

Plus---“we buy the best merino wool”---a 21.5 micron, fine gauge custom count, shrink treated merino wool---a bump up material that naturally breathes, dries fast--- and is naturally anti-odor too.


Women’s lifestyle socks “get groovy” with cool diamond and squiggly patterns made largely (67%) with shrink treated comfy merino wool…so high performance meshes with high fashion too. (Our online search turned up different patterned women’s and men’s lifestyle socks ranging in price form $17.95 to $35.95).

We tried the newly reworked hiking socks, specifically the boot hiking sock with CoolMax® for the ultimate in soggy prevention. There’s extra, high density cushioning where we needed it--- on the foot bottom and around our shins ---where our laces always manage to annoy us towards the end of the day as our limbs swell up.

Plus, the toes and heels are reinforced for durability but without the dig in seams of other brands. We really rank this pair up there with the best socks...and they stayed put. (Our search online turned up- MSRPs of boot hiking socks from $18.95-$19.95)

Our hiking buddy ---who is also an avid biker, tried the ¾ crew, open mesh knitted bike sock (for “increased breathability”)…that’s new for Fall 2010. Made of 62% merino wool, 34% nylon …and 4% Lycra® spandex for the perfect fit…

He was happy with how it felt and how the ribbing above the ankle kept it snug but not constricting.

He also could not believe that there was a no questions asked, 100% returns accepted return policy.


DARN TOUGH donates 5% of the proceeds of the sale of the special edition Appalachian Trail Conservancy Hiking sock to…its moniker. We found it online at for $19.99.

Widely available online and in retail stores…DARN TOUGH is not set up for E-Commerce