Saturday, January 23, 2010


A sneak peek into Breguet’s 2010 collection: Tradition 7047 Fusee Tourbillon in Platinum. This exceptional timepiece features a movement fashioned in an anthracite-toned metal alloy, complete with a new Breguet silicon balance spring.

A man's watch that does more than tell makes a statement.


"Today, the new Breguet silicon balance spring is featured in the Breguet Tradition 7047 model with tourbillon
and fusee-and-chain transmission. Inspired by the design of the first tourbillon -equipped pocket watches devised by Breguet himself, this pictured platinum version is now available fitted with a movement fashioned in an anthracite-toned metal alloy. Its surface finish was obtained by a new and improved electrodeposition process using an alloy of precious metals of the platinum group with a hue darker than ruthenium’s.
The fusee-and-chain transmission connected to the barrel ensures constant force for as long as the watch is running. A number of patents applications involve the large tourbillon resonator at one o’clock on the watch face, one for a titanium balance and three relating to Breguet silicon balance springs. A further patent was awarded for a power-reserve indicator positioned directly on the barrel."

Displaying impressive technical sophistication, this timepiece is the pride of Manufacture Breguet .