Monday, November 2, 2009




A few days ago, we were asked to name our favs from NYFW.

Without hesitation, we named Prabal Gurung as the numero uno event that was on our brain cells.

And after reviewing the photos…at least the ones we took that didn’t have someone blocking our shot…the presentation was THAT CROWDED…we got recharged as to why this outing was a standout.

Color wise, the black/white/electric blue/red palette was bold and bright… the delicate prints were stunning.

The fabrics---are luxurious...and the presentation format gave us a chance to really appreciate…silk twills and crepes, white panné velvet, silk wools.

We are sure Gurung's collection, that is retailed at top boutiques/stores alongside the biggies like Oscar de la Renta, Carolina etc….is also priced according.

One shouldered dresses and strapless frocks were eye-catching…the fits on the models= flawless.

The girly got a nod with bows and hand beading as embellishments that reminded us of 60’s Givenchy…as in stylish not over the top.

Apparently, an YSL perfume (packaging) was an inspiration…which explains the 70’s style hairdos by Jimmy Paul for Bumble and Bumble...and the many visual references to 'Le Smoking" tuxedo.

And construction…as in the first of the 26 looks…a “Caramel Double-Faced Charmeuse Dress With Spiraling Horsehair,” (a run-of-show description) was clearly the work of a master---as fussy as any designer outing we saw all week. We are sure if we turned the garments inside out, we'd see just how meticulous the stitching, french hems etc...are. BRAVO!

We’re sure it took forever to get just so.

Amazingly, this is only the second collection for Gurung, a Nepal-American man who has toiled at Donna Karan (intern while attending Parsons), Cynthia Rowley, and Bill Blass.

IMHO: Expect to see someone donning P.G. on the Red Carpet…über stylist Rachel Zoe was there.