Thursday, November 5, 2009

LACOSTE FOOTWEAR: Men’s & Women’s Spring/Summer 2010


THE LONDON HOTEL, West 54th Street, NYC

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

The beaches of Deauville, the natural elegance of tennis star/founder René Lacoste, and the black/white photographs of the ‘leisure class’ by French maestro Jacques-Henri Lartigue--- inspired the sporty chic Spring/Summer 2010 RTW Lacoste show.

The footwear is always an important part of tous les ensembles... and Lacoste, under creative director Christopher Lemaire, paired the kickers up perfectly.

QUELLE HORREUR!!! The open toe, lace up, wedge canvas sneaker booties in rainbow colors…are not being sold in the USA. Wha????????? Another test of the weak dollar’s buying “power” (sic) abroad.


Editorially speaking, the boat shoe with a wedge will walk on every printed glossy we can think of. The palette matches the clothes---A TOP PICK...and is available in leather, suede, canvas...

The gladiator gets springy in a lace up on a platform wedge--- robin's egg blue a main color.

Elegant and dressy---always fashionable black/white strappy sandals.

White flats snazzed up with multi colored closures...

Gambetta pumps and a peep toe ballets will also do well at retail…

Boat shoes for guys (LUZ) come in every shade and have thick rubber white soles that grip.

… and handsome Riviera worthy slip ons (the Plage) for casual or work

Tie shoes, a nice take on the office shoe and the stuffy oxford comes in dark and bright leathers as well as manly suede, and fun plaid fabrics mixed with leather.


A refreshed chuka boot in pale grey...

Lifestyle sneakers with nautical stripes in a cornflower blue, yellow, red, solids and cute checks…for guys and gals.

Hip hop style high tops have interesting color combos and mixed well as the as models in a solid shade.

Old school style tennies are still selling well…bumped up with a trim stripe and logo.


We were wearing flip flops for a month straight cuz of a broken toe…and now we GET why one needs many pairs of this beach staple in matchy matchy colors.

Lacote makes our favs…the thicker band Fentura, cross bands Miramo, and the classic Courson (guys) and Suzy (gals)

...particularly love the terry tops.

AND: Affordable chic (love)…every ped covering is well made and will not fall apart whether strolling the boardwalk or pounding the pavement. The presentation was a great way to perk up a rainy day...

Staggered ship dates ---early winter.