Tuesday, October 6, 2009




New York Fashion Week

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

Maybe it’s a left coast thing, but we were not familiar with the label “Kimberly Ovitz” prior to the presentation.

Well, we’ll remember now…and def connect with what we saw…as the label, the name of the designer, was very well done in a hip chick, rock and roll way.

Think Queens NY native, Andrea Donna (Drea) de Mateo…one of television’s effortlessly cool actress (now a blending in Angie on Desperate Housewives)…with innate street cred the fluffy starlets only wish they had.

Seventeen models, with one eye blackened, were posed on bales of hay in a Milk Studios white gallery space---with an image of what looked to us to be menacing horses projected on the back wall.

Indeed…”Ladies at the country house having a punk party and raiding the stable.”

The presentation format gave us a chance to admire the skilled tailored looks of both more fitted and slouchy casual ensembles.

One of the top jackets we saw all week was the Silver Horace leather one.

And unlike some of those tailored short suits (that barely sell cause one has to be a tall toothpick to wear) , Ovitz does a terrific “White pebble georgette Eugene high waisted shorts” that gracefully fall to the knee paired with a wear it anywhere white Lawson sweater.

Strapless dresses with overlapping panels draped perfectly… and a silky bright blue Garrett hooded dress were also winners.

On a way out, we caught of glimpse of Kimberly Ovitz and had an aha moment. She had the So-Cal long blonde hair going but emanates a distinct edgy vibe too---she clearly fashions mod day to night ensembles for gals like herself.

PS: Famous family aside…we actually didn’t make the connection till now.