Friday, September 4, 2009



It wasn’t too long ago that our other half started drinking copious amounts of pomegranate juice . Reason…his dad had a massive heart attack.

Pomegranate started making an impression on healthy types a few years ago,,,for the list of its purported health benefits are looonnnggggg.

Like the fruit and juice, specifically the fermented juice, are PACKED with anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals... the attackers, in a way, of human cells. (FYI: Pollution, Radiation, Herbicides, Cigarette Smoke etc…all churn out free radicals).

Which is why we were glad to get schooled on Pomegranate Health, a Rochester, NY based company that has a line of natural pomegranate products and dietary supplements.


POMEGRANATE HEALTH seems to us to be THE source of all things pomegranate. We were really impressed with their website…particularly that it has links to extensively, detailed reports on global scientific studies…regarding the numerous health benefits of this plant. And supplements are not FDA regulated, so we always do lots of research before we try anything.

What we didn’t know until we started reading…was the potential for pomegranate based products to positively influence…

…and we quote:

Help maintain normal LDL cholesterol levels;
Help support normal cardiovascular health;
Relieve the effects of menopause;
Help support a healthy immune system;
Help support normal blood pressure levels;
Help maintain healthy joint function;
Assist in maintaining oral/dental health;

Apparently, the plant (seeds, skin, fruit) has the aforementioned antioxidants polyphenols (like red wine but more), but also contains natural phytoestrogens to aid sufferers of PMS/ perimenopausal symptoms,

Ascorbic, citric, fumaric and malic acids, essential amino acids, and vitamins B & C…all necessary ingredients for good skin, luscious locks, and a coronary system that won’t quit.

We tried a teensy drop of AgelessPom- Pomegranate Seed Oil Blend around our eyes …as a moisturizer. YES! It didn’t irritate our skin and managed to seep in quickly and smooth the crinkles for awhile.

Apparently…this product serves double duty as a supplement too--- as it’s free of toxins, solvents, artificial preservatives…the yech stuff…and contains punicic acid--- that’s closely related to CLA---which helps the body maintain its health and weight.

We also downed the Pomegranate supplements---CardioPom as we are ramping up our athletic endeavors. What we like about this line of supplements (there’s a BalancePom product that naturally balances female horomones) is that unlike the juice (with calories no less), Pomegranate Health’s products include all parts of the fruit in their formulas. So we feel like we’re ingesting the cream of the crop, so-to-speak.


A Face Cleanser, anti-aging Face Moisturizer, Hand and Foot Scrub, and Hand and Body Lotion…all blessed with significant (meaning effective) amount of the pomegranate…are also available.


Words, Judith Ecochard