Friday, September 25, 2009




Words, Images Judith Ecochard

Blue skies and bright sunshine greeted the beginning of New York Fashion Week.

The weather was sooooo appropriate for the transporting presentation hosted by the chic French brand, Façonnable.

Call us biased, but the Europeans seem to GET the elegant sportswear category better than its counterparts across the Pond…

Meaning casual but au courant/dapper/stylish…not sloppy and in your face with the overblown logos.

Accordingly, it’s not a surprise that Façonnable, under a new creative talent, the fashion veteran Eric Wright “…is concentrating on its original DNA.”

Think “the magic of the Cote d’Azur “ of the mid 20th century… the posh Mediterranean yachting scene…the allure of al fresco dining in Monaco.

Not to worry though, these clothes work in urban settings too for subway/office warriors everywhere…


The well made, modern chic attire was displayed on racks and mannequins throughout the light filled- windowed showroom on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue…with models attired and “on display” one look at a time.

Right off, the bright colors of Nice, in the south of France, where Façonnable is based--- grabbed our eyeballs. Crisp whites, a wide palette of blues, rich reds, saturated yellows and oranges--- brightened up our day just by looking at the toned garments.

The feel of the clothes was impressive too…textiles used ranged from quality linen, to lightweight wools, silk and cotton fibers.

We loved the blazers, as did our guide, as “Eric is bringing to the collection…the amazing details.”

Tri-color shirts- with contrast linings for the effortlessly vogue touch of rolled up sleeves/collars- are versatile (work/play), comfortable- and soft to the touch.

Façonnable has revived its accessories line…including still popular ballet flats.

Lucky us, we introduced ourselves to a well -dressed gent – attired in a marine sea blue casual jacket (by Façonnable, natch).

Turns out the man in question, Lance Isham, is the Executive Chairman of the label and the- or one of- the brains behind selecting the VERY talented Wright to guide Façonnable forward- with respect paid to its revered heritage.

This former Vice Chairman of Ralph Lauren has known the “under the radar” Wright for years…

We were blown away when we learned that Façonnable’s prized employee- the Artistic Director (official title)---had toiled for KL by Karl Lagerfeld in New York -as Studio Director, moved to Paris for Karl Lagerfeld and Chloé, and then said buongiorno to Milan- as Design Director for both Fendi and Trussardi (at different times, of course). WOW.

After a glass of yummy champagne, we bid our adieus …very impressed.

AVAILABLE: The S/S 2010 ships Jan/Feb. 2010 to FAÇONNABLE STORES and in better department stores and boutiques.