Sunday, September 6, 2009


This past July during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/Berlin, we got a sample of the new Custo Barcelona fragrance at the runway show...which of course we promptly opened and emptied.

We are PICKY when it comes to scents…and usually steer clear of the women’s fragrances.

But this new scent of Designer Custo Dalmau (with perfumer Albert Moralis) hits the right summery notes for us.

Citing the urbane gal with personality, and a creative adventuresome free spirit---as inspiration (think the wearer of his clothes), Custo Barcelona first notes are the sunny odors of exotic citrus fruits, hints of floral (peony, ornage blossom) with a rich lemon, patchouli, amber, musk base.

It’s a head turning ‘warm’ fun/young parfum…not a head spinner.

ADDED PLUS: The bottle is of mixed materials ---very cool, designed by Pati Núñez and Toni Arola.