Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Words, Images Judith Eocchard

When we see PrimaLoft® on a hangtag, we know we’re getting a warm item…be it a apparel or outdoor gear.

At the Outdoor Retailer show in July, the “big thing” for the brand was the North Face’s line of seven new sleeping bags packed up with PrimaLoft® INFINITY.

This new performing thermal insulation “… is a fine denier, continuous-filament insulation specifically designed for sleeping bags offering improved warmth, compressibility and softness…. (and) is over 20 percent more compressible than traditional continuous-filament insulation yielding a difference of 2.3 liters. “

We saw a sample and yes the bag squishes down…more room for s’mores’ supplies…and the only added weight might be the lbs we add on, personally.

The North Face Summit Series with PrimaLoft® INFINITY includes the Tundra -20°F, Dark Star -40°F and the Elephant’s Foot half bag. The Ultralight series features the Orion 20°F, Scorpio 40°F, Fission 20°F and Propel 40°F. 

PrimaLoft® Yarn was also a highlight. Used in performance wear, it’s made of a micro denier polyester that’s finer than cashmere…and super soft. But PrimaLoft™ Yarn has Quick Draw Technology ™---giving the attire the technical details we need, cause it’s then paired with a hydrophilic yarn that’s wicks moisture- two times faster than merino wool…to the outside of the fabric. It’s moisture repelling too (hydrophobic).

Keeping wearers comfortable.

(Pictured in an ORVIS SWEATER)