Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Words Judith Ecochard, Images courtesy of Hillhouse Naturals

It’s no secret everyone we know is spending more time at home…and that what $s our pals are spending tends to go towards creating the nest of their (affordable) dreams.

One easy way to create an environment that’s luxuriously welcoming is by way of a clean and pure smelling abode.

Lucky us, Earth Day delivered some samples from HILLHOUSE NATURALS, a Kentucky based, mom/daughter (Peggy Batts and Tracy Sullivan) home grown business -that sells elegantly packaged, accessibly priced home fragrance products.

The eco-friendly Hillhouse Natural Living and Living Green™ Collections are both
made from authentic blends of essential oils and botanicals.

The Natural Living conjures up the pure air of the Southwest desert via clean burning 100% Soy Wax Candle- stylish reusable concrete container ($32), a Living Room and Linen Spray Mist ($22) a Potpourri Bag ($19) and Gift Set ($21) and our always use- Reed Diffuser ($43) containing bamboo reeds that spread the love.

The Living Green Collection includes a 100% natural soy wax blend candle and enriching plant-derived essential green ingredients in four scents that evoke pristine Nature …no cloying odd chemical scents!

And as Tracy Sullivan informed us:

"Eco-style is a big trend right now, and this is my interpretation of it for the younger generation. The designs are clean and modern, and so are the scents. Living Green was the first collection to use boxes manufactured with wind power (which we now use for all new Hillhouse Naturals products)."


Aromatic blends include two top selling Spring scents Sprout, and Flora (a lemon, verbena, lavender soothing scent), ... and the exotics Orange Leaf Amber (a seductive fusion of earthy vetiver, lavender, chamomile, juicy orange, and rich ylang ylang), and Red Currant Nectarine (a sweet, cool fragrance.)

IMHO- Hillhouse Natural’s goodies certainly live up to the quality of European brands that cost three times as much.