Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Words, Images Judith Ecochard

April 14th, 2009
Garment Center NYC

Ironically---it’s a fashion biz syndrome that those who toil in this trade HATE SHOPPING. Yeah, we think those print editorial types are TOTALLY lying when their opinions about “what’s on their must have buy list for (fill in the season)…” appear in the glossies.


There is one item…a shoe, a dress, a jacket…that grabs our eyeballs like no other…and simply possesses us. And it’s that item that we splurge on…and wear forever.

Because even though the accessory or garment we covet in a passionately hormonal way… doesn’t fit into the “classics” or “basics” categories (ho-hum, boring would that be the object of our dreams…NO).

The innovative, original style, the materials, and the craftsmanship that produce our field of dreams--- are always out of the park homeruns.

And we found our Fall/Winter 2009 “IT”---actually it is a collection by the immensely talented shoe designer, Raphael Young. We can see why the Parisians have flocked to this outstanding lineup of meticulously made in Italy shoes.

It’s the creative designs, particularly the over the knee boots, and the inventive cutout platform heels-- scupltures really…that render these shoes attention grabbing/ statement-making kickers.

These are the kind of ped coverings that make an outfit, that are the outfit.

Although the samples in the showroom are Munchkin size, (no try-ons for us) we could see that the interior construction of the lineup- allows for a modicum of comfort…with pitched inside platforms that level the foot out a bit. Which makes sense given Young’s background in Physics---he gets the structural flow.

Young zeroes in on the popularity of metallics...often switched up with black leather cutouts…but for us it was the black leather thigh highs and black ribbed (in a semi-circle), white leather booties with Brancusi worthy stacked heels-that we see as our one purchase of the season.

In yucky economic times…isn’t that what retailers should be doing? Exciting consumers?. Awesome silvery gray mesh kickers? We all have the basics already…and those looks aren’t getting us to whip out the credit card.

FUN INSPIRATION: Superhero ladies.