Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Words, Judith Ecochard
Images, Courtesy of Sue Devitt

We think that small cosmetic/beauty companies headed up by entrepreneurs are generally higher performers when it comes to products aim at healing and living up to their mantras.

After all, their names are on the line, front and center.

Case in point, Sue Devitt.

Hailing for Australia, Sue Devitt is a cosmetics artist with an about five-years old line of treatment goodies that offer coverage in rich exotic colors.

New for 2009 are the innovative, time-released hydrating marine mineral products in her SpaCollection™ line.

Packed with Vitamins, Sea Fennel and Water Extracts, and soothing Chamomile, plus lactic and malic acids ----techy enriching Oxygen Infusion Masque and anti-aging Lactic Renewal Facial Peel purportedly delivers deep hydration, improves skin’s elasticity and perk up one’s visage in a “relaxing” manner.

We are jazzed about the makeup end of this launch ourselves. The SpaComplexion™ Hydrating Marine Minerals pressed ($32-4 shade families) and loose powders ($32- 3 shades) that even out skin tones, and tinted moisturizer ($40- 3 shades) are retail ready now.

All boast high SPF coverage ---(SPF 30, 30 and 15 respectively---and in Australia the standards are way higher)… go on easy, and blend with all skin tones.

Available at Barney’s New York, Harvey Nichols, Ulta, Facelogic Spas and Beauty.com