Thursday, March 19, 2009



Focus Studio, 11th Avenue NYC

Words, Judith Ecochard, Images courtesy of General Idea/Williamson PR

It was a long haul over to this off the West Side Highway strip of quasi-industrial spaces---where General Idea’s collection was struttin’ the runway.

And we were shocked, SHOCKED-that a fashion show started on time (besides Marc Jacobs, that is).

But this label by Korean Cho Bum Sak is a hot RTW line in Europe…so there was no way we were missing this outing. And the invite---a neat take on a hand puzzle game---intrigued.

We are glad we caught about 70% of the show---as the cool blend of military influences mixed with sharp tailoring …and craftsmanship (not a seam out of place)…makes this hipster line suitable for office types too---the kind that casually wear the perfect long sleeve oxford shirt with a skinny tie . Noticeable not kooky…in easy wear black and grey tones.

There were several oversized knits---in a regular pullover (like tunic length) and cardigan that managed to look comfy not weird sloppy. Handsome zipped cover-ups---in a tailored coat and a sharp shoulder double breasted jacket oozed sleek but were not so mod as to only appeal to the rarified niche of the super skinny---a ridiculous trend we see in a lot of menswear brands.

There were other appealing separates too-our top picks were elegant double breasted coats paired with cuffed pants or triple pleated pants that kinda puffy billowed around the waist when the models stuffed their hands in their pockets..but lay somewhat flat with soft rippled fabric when the guys just walked swinging their arms.

As quoted in the program, the designer scribed:

“…I used to enjoy watching mystery films while solving puzzle diagrams and breaking codes. For FW09, I wanted to create a look for an updated spy-mixing military details with a classic feel.”

Yeah-you go Secret Agent Man.

And congrats on having the best website we have ever tried to get through.