Thursday, March 19, 2009



Words, Images Judith Ecochard
Store Image Courtesy of FACE PR

March 18th, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah. If any humans(s) is(are) going to open a new retail operation in this economy, the list of must have/do’s and don’ts are significant.

As in:

Cool Product Mix of hard to find desirables

Affordable goodies with the wow factor for both sexes and for a wide market niche

A destination location that attracts out-of-towners, in towners, and the cult faithful.

Congratulations DIZTRICT and the congenial and creative Mukul Lalchandani, President of the corporate company Caseology and owner of this boutique, packed with in-demand brands begetting the most coveted lines in limited watches (EOS New York, NOOKA, MODERN AMUSEMENT, STORM, G-SHOCK), jewelry (TARINA TARANTINO), tees, sunglasses, Tokidoki posters, PAN AM satchels, and loads of items from the fantastic KID ROBOT.

Naturally, we made a bee line for the Hello Kitty products but as Lalchandani pointed out to us” “we started a retail operation (for his main line EOS NY) but we also hand selected styles we like…and we know them in some way.”

As in Lalchandani… on the Board of Advisors for the humongous Tradeshow Magic’s Slate division- and his Caseology team’s numerous collaborations and manufacturing efforts with many of the brands represented in Diztrict.

As an example, we were shown several samples of the watches from the three year old NOOKA brand-“we helped them out,” Lalchandani noted. “This is a cool brand that’s not mass marketed but has a cult following.” The dial is a series of squares and dots that took us a minute (we think ha, ha) to read.

“They (NOOKA) has seminars on how to read time,” Lalchandani informed us---though once we got that one series of squares-darkened depending on the hour, another sized bunch-filled in for the minutes, then a seconds window…it wasn’t tough. Funny, we imagine people eyeballing at our wrists on the subway – for a look.

WE WANT: The skateboards!!!!!

FACTOID: The store is themed to reflect New York City’s different districts.