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We recently got an email blast titled “REAL MALE CELEBRITIES...” etc…a reference to actors in the news using upscale grooming products; specifically- BILLY JEALOUSY LIQUIDSAND EXFOLIATING FACIAL CLEANSER and the semi-precious Gemstone loaded (Malachite, Iron, Rhodochrositem, Smithsonite) upscale PAYOT HOMME's OPTIMALE Skincare line.

Well it’s about time…that guys got a clue about the benefits of the right products.

Billy Jealousy’s cleanser is a soft grain scrub that gets the grime out while natural ingredients like Morus Nigra Leaf Extract leave a man’s visage moisturized. ($24).

The Optimale line by PAYOT HOMME- is a collection of skincare goodies--- we are sure girlfriends will be reaching for.

We found the claim that Gemstone ingredients can penetrate the epidermis to heal and sooth---very interesting. And revolutionary, to say the least.

But it makes sense to us when we consider how just about everything we slap on our skin… permeates our cells and gets readily absorbed.

We think the product our man would use most is the “Soothing Aftershave Balm” ($40) a calming, repairing alcohol free balm that “eliminates shaving rash and burning sensation” with Gemstones Rhodocrosite (relaxing), and Iron (Haematite) (cleansing)… and Vitamins B5, E and PP.
Seems like an idiot-proof step for guys not used to anything more than a splash of cold water in the AM.

And on the topic of idiots…or maybe just a case of MAJOR disconnect…we recently were made aware of a recent survey of men’s awareness- of the need for daily sunscreen use--- by MenScience Androceuticals…a skincare and nutritional line that has a cult following among professional athletes.

Basically, 90% of men surveyed yeah-ed the need for sunscreen but around half of those queried didn’t use skin protection. Okay.

We actually had a sample of TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30, a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen by MenScience that we used on a recent outing. The white lotion easily spread, was absorbed and seemed to hold up for hours as it is highly water resistant.

What set this sunscreen apart from other products on the market---is the other stuff …specifically, the cosmeceutical-grade, healing/repairing ingredients (like Green Tea, Anti-Oxidants, Aloe) that comprise this oil-free lotion. A one two punch in a matter of speaking.