Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Words, Judith Ecochard
Images from the company website

The buzz from skincare/beauty lines these past few months…is the awareness and push away from preservatives like paraben…and other questionable ingredients.

That’s a good direction to take…but if we think about how our skin absorbs nearly everything we put on it...why not opt for the most natural to begin with… if it gets the job done?

Dr Dobbs is a new line of uncomplicated, natural skincare (90% or more) founded by a Texas lady, Joan Matera, who sources her doctor-laden family tree for inspiration when it comes to all things healthy for our skin.

Impressively, this modestly price line of treatments (from a .32 oz tin of coffee flavored Perk O’ Lips™ Lip Balm $3.69…topping out at $10.99 for an 8 oz glass mason jar of Ultra Relief Therapy--a soothing sea salt, lemon oil, rosemary and eucalyptus confection)…are produced with old-fashioned goodness mashed up with the quality ingredients like premium grade Mediterranean Olive Oil, Vitamin E, wheat germ oil etc.

And cool retro labels that’ll appeal to gals and guys alike.

Smart solutions to skin ailments include:

Happy Camper Soap-based on a centuries’ old remedy that calms the itch with soothing pine tar and tea tree oil fused with the natural anti-itch extracted from jewelweed plants. ($6.99),

Facial Glow Tomato Complexion Soap, a hand milled soap with natural lycopenes and AHAs from the tomato that neutralized our oily T-zone without stripping the rest of our skin ($6.99),

Enriched Apricot Bath Oil Treatment ($9.99) that we use a light skin moisturizer for our bod…it really smells terrific…with a hint of orange oil,

Nourishing Lotion with Buttermilk and Honey that sank right into our sensitive raw skin after a 6 hour outdoor hike in 25 degree weather---that miracles of miracles left no greasy residue ($9.99).

RETAIL: Just launched, we found the line available at DR DOBBS SKINCARE