Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer’s last hurrah with KISS MY FACE and GAIAM

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, Vivian G. Kelly and from and

It’s been a work-intensive summer, and we’re finally squeezing in a few mini-vacations on Nantucket and South Beach, Miami just before school starts again in September.
We’ll be bringing our eco-conscious accessories and skin care projects on both trips.

Thanks to Gaiam, we’re ready to hit a Bikram yoga class while in Miami Beach and then head straight to the beach with our solar powered radio, towel, and yoga mat. In October, we can add a100% recyclable aluminum water bottle to our list of eco friendly leisure time gear. The water bottles will have prints that match our yoga mat.
Available at Barnes & Noble, $10.98 in October 2008.

The matching eco friendly yoga mat is nice and thick, has the necessary traction, and is thalate free.
Pricing: In the $20 range, which is very reasonable for organic cotton.

We’re hooked to our new solar charging radio, part of the REAL GOOD BY GAIMA line. Our emerald green one is perfect for the beach and outdoor entertaining.
Available for $50,

KISS MY FACE is a company that believes in “Puting your money where your mouth is”.

Accordingly, the company has a huge range of bath & body products, which have a varying degree of greenness. This is one smart company as they subscribe [in part] to the old saw, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. They’ve kept the old cult products on the line but are also moving forward in their degree of eco correctness by increasing the green-ness of the new products. Who ever said you can’t have it all?

For those engaging in sport at the beach or just outdoors, don’t forget to tuck Kiss My Face’s into your pocket before heading out, to surf or rock climb or just loll around the pool.
One of Kiss my Face’s green initiative is their work with the Alliance for Climate Protection. A portion of the sales of their Sport Lip Balm, Spf30 UVA/UVB a portion go to the Alliance.

All Kiss My Face products are available on their official website,

To learn more about the Alliance for Climate Protection, visit their site,

If you’re looking to add some eco touches to your home GAIAM has 100% organic comforters, you can deck out your entire house down to the 100% organic cotton towel and a natural linen shower curtain.

To view more from the GAIAM product line, visit