Friday, August 8, 2008


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Backstage Images, Richard Spiegel
Runway Images, Corina Lecca, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Newsgroup
Black & white images, from V Magazine [hair by Oribe]
Designer Red Carter’s a die-hard Miami resident these days, and he’s always loved the fun, carefree vibe beach living his RED CARTER collections exude.
He’s really the ideal choice for his new position as THE MERCEDES-BENZ PRESENTS DESIGNER. He’s not a new comer to be in the public eye, and we think, a born entertainer.
In the past Red has:
-Been a competitive swimmer and record-breaker in sprinting, diving, and water polo.
-Had had feature roles in commercials, voiceovers, and a few small movie roles.
Profile-wise, Red and his team [including the dynamic ALEXA CAHILL – who runs his New York Showroom in the Heart of the Garment Center] have grown the company from a start-up in 2003 to the most high profile collection coming out of South Beach.
WHERE: THE TENTS @ THE Raleigh Hotel, South Beach, Miami
WHEN: Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim Week, July 2008

BACKSTAGE – We caught up with star hair guru, ORIBE CANALES, who happily, was in town to do the show, taking a short break from his rigorous high-profile shooting schedule.
LYRA MAG: Red’s show is always fun and over the top. What do you have in mind for the hair this time?
ORIBE: Super Glamorous mermaids coming out of the sea. It’s super-expensive, super-glam, like the hair I would do for Dior.

• To see some of Oribe’s latest work, pick up a copy of V Magazine or visit


The inspiration: “Flapparella” – an interpretation that includes art-deco references, vintage music, floral and ruffles cross-pollinated with high-tech.
Months earlier, as the LYCRA party at New York Fashion Week, Red told us he was already “thinking 1920’s and Josephine Baker”.

New York’s CITADEL SECURITY was in full force for this show as Red is the King of South Beach & we were glad to see them – the venue was mobbed in anticipation of the show.

The twenties inspiration came through loud and clear via speak easy music which set the tone, and things started off well, in part because of the models. These were definitely the best models of the week. The girls struck a happy medium – less zaftig [a size 6 is “large” these days!] than the typical swim models but not as painfully thin as New York runway models [size –2].
The Josephine Baker look was reincarnated via a black bull’s-eye one piece, and then again in the finale – a sequin bikini with a flapper cover up.
We liked the sea jewel bikini the huge orange topaz choker, as did the 1-shoulder floating poppy peasant dress.

Best in Show: The gold lame bikini with gold hardware and chains and what we’ll call “the Josephine Baker cover-up”.
Clever touches: the references [perhaps they were an homage] to our favorite supermodel/ glamazons: “the Gia” [Carangia] “the Christy” [Brinkley], and “the Jerry” [Hall].
Red’s collaborator since he started showing at the Raleigh 3 years ago, Oribe, is on the cutting edge of fashion, always has been, always will be. Oribe’s a regular on the sets of Stefen Gan’s V Mag. and at W Mag’s covers and fashion layouts. We’ve noticed more and more supermodels in these books and just lately, in the inside spreads in Vogue. Maybe THE GIRLS are making a comeback? Stay tuned.

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