Friday, August 15, 2008


-Javits Convention Center, NYC

August 4th

Words, Images by Judith Ecochard and courtesy of Hollywood Fashion Tape™

Glances at the stacks of pr kits at the tradeshow pressroom – gave us the lightbulb moment to check out the latest at Hollywood Fashion Tape™-a smart collection of emergency fix-ups-all cleverly packaged in girly pink.

We’ve known and used these remedies for “wardrobe malfunctions” for a few years now.

Luckily, one of the founders, Marni Bumstead was available to give us an overview of her company (that was founded with gal/pal Jane Daily). beginning our tour with the comment… “our reputation is important to us…we will not add a product to our collection unless it really works.”


First we were shown the new cute, tiny pink tin -for the workhorse double sided, Hollywood Fashion Tape™ that will find a way in every gal’s purse. We even got a great tip: “…use the product to safely hem leather pants-as the glue that’s used, usually dries out at some point.” True.

Next up were the disposable “Behind The Seams™” under arm garment shields that won't damage fabrics... and offer sweat proof and undetectable coverage, that'll sparing us dry-cleaning bills. Plus, “Hollywood CoverUps™” –reusable nipple concealers made of hypoallergenic self –adhesive silicone are it as.... “only our concealers have no ridge,” Bumstead says. Which is the whole point of perky cover-ups.

We also liked the clear, virtually invisible, plastic Hollywood Hook-Ups™ Bra Converting Clip-whereby a racer-back bra is summoned by lengthening and then- inserting the idiot proof handy hook-up clip to the lengthened straps at the back of our bra.

Lastly, we got a preview of the “Hollywood Goes Commandos™” collaboration with Jo Bernard-that are 100% undyed breathable cotton panty shields that are perfect for wearing with leather pants and workout performance pants.

MSRP: Most products range from $6.95- on up to $44.00 for Hollywood Extras™-silicone breast enhancers that are the “star’s secret to sexy cleavage.” We thought it took a village.