Monday, August 18, 2008

HAIR SOS, the RX for Abused Hair: YAROK Serum 2, Green With Envy Shampoo, & Conditioner and ARROJO Shine Spray

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, from respective company websites

We confess – we’re hair color junkies, and have been since we pored over the pages of the European Vogues while working at Chloe in Paris in the early nineties. At the time, supermodel LINDA EVANGELISTA was one of the most photographed models in the world. We followed her example over the years, changing our hair from chocolate brown, to platinum but had never tried the look-at-me red – until this summer when we finally got around to seeing “Elizabeth II” on the plane on a New York – LA Trip. We were smitten by Cate Blanchett’s flaming red hair and resolved to try it out.

Our hair color vacation ended a few months later, and our hair suffered.

After three goes at our dark brown hair with 20%, then 30% and finally 40% volume peroxide, We’d achieved the desired effect, but unlike Linda and Cate, it didn’t look that great on us. One hair session later with a tube of 3N Framesi hair color, and we were back to brunette.

As with excess in anything, you wind up paying a price. Ours – dried out lifeless hair that.

1. A HAIRCUT- A Mia Farrow/Vidal Sassoon Haircut, courtesy of Amanda at the AVEDA SHINE SALON in Ridgefield, CT
We’ve been longtime fans of green product and cracked open 3 YAROK products in hopes that the lack of chemicals and abundance of vitamins would bring our hair back to normal. *With really damaged hair, better to use YAROK 2 leave-in oil and wait 10 minutes before doing the shampoo and conditioner.

3. IN THE MEANTIME – The YAROK trio is working, but if you’re out and to fake it, hair heavy-hitter, Nick Arrojo, delivers the goods. ARROJO’s SHINE SPRAY can make the deadest locks look glossy.
ENDNOTE: Even if you DON’T abuse your hair, your hair will love the nutrients in the YAROK products and shiny hair is always a good things.

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