Sunday, July 27, 2008

Amala Skincare–Captivates us with the glow of Eco-Beauty

Text, Liza Mulvenna
Edited by Vivian G. Kelly

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In a global social climate of increased eco-awareness, premier organic skincare line Amala delivers radiance and a sense of inner peace. It’s sure to satisfy today’s eco-conscious consumer as it uses upwards of 99%-100% of the finest organic ingredients. This luxurious skincare line has also achieved admirable compliance within international fair trade practices and sustainable agriculture guidelines, AND is competitively priced and ethical. It’s a standout in today’s rapidly growing organic cosmetics marketplace.

Amala= Pure
This German skincare company’s ancient moniker has multiple definitions ranging from “most pure” in Sanskrit to “love her” in Spanish. Founder Ute Lemper, incorporated her core values [a deep respect for nature and a holistic approach toward skincare] into the development of this product line.

- Is the first to use organic emulsifiers in its products
- Contains no preservatives or chemical agents
- Is minimally processed through a customized distillation process,
- Is dermatologist approved and never tested on animals.

Amala is not playing mere lip service to fit into a nowadays-trendy eco-everything. This is the real deal – the crème de la crème of organic skincare. Its formulation is twenty years in the making, and its organic purity claims are authentic - and backed up the ECOCERT stamp of approval. (ECOCERT is a strict and highly reputable French organization that certifies organic products worldwide:
Extensive information about Amala’s manufacturing methodology, partnerships and philosophy is documented on their website alongside their full product line description and ordering information at
and makes for an inspirational read.

The price-points are in the luxury range yet reasonable with two sizes to choose from 50ml or 100ml. The cleanser and toner is in the $22/$38 range. The moisturizer is $55/$110, and the mask runs from $48/$96 depending on size. A system of products to build a routine would have an entry point of about $100-$150 to start.


Amala’s gorgeous packaging is made from recycled and post-consumer materials (surprise!), with cylindrical paper tubes and cork stoppers, complete with a minimalist lotus design.

Depending on the product, some are contained in elegant (and reusable) glass bottles with copper details.. Each product is stamped with an expiration date of 2 years from its manufacture. The products inside are kept fresh through the delicate balance of natural ingredients that are self-preserving. The only shelf-life issue one may have is that the collection looks so lovely on the bathroom shelf, you may wait longer than normal to open and actually use them!

Using Amala for a Beauty Routine

After chasing the proverbial fountain of youth by any means necessary (*from slathering bizarre food items from the fridge to using toxic pharmaceuticals that warn against possible birth defects), this level of conscientiousness affirmed the idealistic notion that (inner) beauty radiates from smart consumer (outer) choices. We decided to go through a clinical withdrawal from the usual retinol and glycolic products and see what Amala could do, and we were thrilled by the results.

Amala has four dynamic collections: purify, hydrate, detoxify, and rejuvenate.
We sampled products from the purify/blue lotus collection:
a gel cleanser, toner, moisturizer and clay mask.
Blue lotus is a rare mystical plant rich in healing properties, cultivated in Thailand and along the Nile. The purify/blue lotus product line also contains white/green tea, sea algae, tiger grass, rice bran, and white clay, along with countless other plant extracts, as each product is especially formulated by task.

Our urban clogged skin (and psyche) felt noticeably refreshed and revitalized after using Amala’s blue lotus/ purifying line for a mere two weeks. The products work synergistically, and we had noticeable results of more moisture, a firmer and more even skin-tone, with smaller pores (love it!) by following a routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing everyday. Then, following up with a purifying mask about twice a week.
The dullness and dry patchy mixed with oily zones started to even out. Our combination skin really liked this formulation. We found the fragrance of the Amala products to very pleasant, with aroma-therapeutic qualities (due to the potent organic botanical and essential oils used) that are beneficial to skin and soul with its wonderful herbal scent.

When using the toner spritzer, be sure to close your eyes first.
Secondly, with the natural ingredients and organic emulsifiers, the texture of the moisturizer may be slightly different then what you’re used to. It does absorb but give it a moment. Pat it in and let it sit a few minutes. Then apply your sunscreen, makeup, etc.
We’d love Amala to include sunscreen in the formulation but of course, that entails chemicals…oh well!

Where to find it NOW

Currently, Amala products are used in exclusive spas and retail locations.
For more information and to purchase products, visit the website