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Narciso Rodriguez Men's Fragrance

By J. Ecochard

Master of minimalist seamed fashion Narciso Rodriguez- is gearing up for a (no doubt) fly off the shelves launch of his complex, heady men’s fragrance line, aptly titled for him. Though the official debut at Saks Fifth Avenue is not until October...the overall two-year development process is understandable, given the depth and originality of la odeur-a swoon inducing mix of exotic Egyptian musk oil and patchouli, aromatic violet and lavender, sensual amber and spicy pink peppercorn (by celebrated perfumer Francis Kurkdjian). This is a unique, virile aroma made for grown-ups (think Clive Owen in Croupier … though he's already 'taken' by another brand).

Plus for for him is not a light-hearted masculine version of Narciso's luscious ladies’ scent, for her. Accordingly, the packaging is striking... cleverly made from clear and smoky gray glass that is tinted from the inside (inspired by Chinese snuff bottles). Thus, mo…

NEIMAN MARCUS' accessory picks for Fall 07


Text by Vivian G. Kelly, with contributions by J. Ecochard
Photographs by J. Ecochard, Richard Spiegel

TIMESTAMP: Tuesday, May 8, 2007



LED BY: KENNETH J. DOWNING, Senior Vice President, Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus. As his title implies, Ken sets the direction for the store after attending countless fashion shows around the world every season. We love him [and Neiman’s Accessory Director, SANDRA WILSON who was also on hand] for their eagle eyes in identifying and translating the season’s trends in a wearable way. Ken and Sandra and the rest of the Neiman Fashion and Buying Team are merchants who appreciate the art form of fine design, a rare quality in a retailer.

The pieces on display in the penthouse represented the best of the latest trends as they’re all exciting, wearable and have that bit of e…

Visage Visions

Text-Written/Edited and Photos by J. Ecochard

The new trends in beauty, like those detected on the Fall 2007 fashion runways, are geared towards a more sophisticated customer... with less over-the-top glittery frills ...but with more polished panache for around the clock wear.

At the annual trade show, The Make-up Show NYC 2007, (sponsored by beauty innovators - The Powder Group), the latest, multi-tasking beauty products soon to appear on retail shelves… did double duty as either skin care treatments -or as tools to mitigate the microscopic effects of HD television. And yes, the goods really do work to neutralize the march of time, dermis-wise, like wrinkles, blotchy, uneven tone and sagging skin.

Two minerals based make-up lines, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics and Color FX , offered 100% pure, talc and scent free, anti-inflammatory mineral powder foundations in assorted global shades. They offer great coverage for all skin types, an SPF 18 or SPF 15 ‘natural’ UVB and UVA sunblock protect…

Look Ma-More Gifts!

Or Just Another Excuse To Shop
Text by J. Ecochard

Dating back to the birth of Hallmark, the gift-giving American tradition…of conjuring up a celebratory day... is still going strong. Quel surprise!

But even if you are not a mother…you can indulge a bit on May 13th. After all, owning a pet (or pet rock) and being a female qualifies.

For the arty types who turn up their noses at mass production, online boutique The Nomad Eye proffers one of a kind hand crafted jewelry, clothing and accessories with a modern style. Or if mom bemoans her boring wall space –an altered digital image, with vibrant splashes of red, by French artist Cyrille Margarit adds pizazz to empty expanses.

Tired of watching mom’s archeological search for her MP3 buried deep in her bag? Adorable, shimmery gold metallic quilted cases from Fashion Nation should eliminate the search. Or snag a pair of fit anywhere, rainbow colored star speakers to attach for pump up the volume accoustics. www.merkury…